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Carpet repair and re-stretching services

Our carpet repair specialists have the experience needed to improve the look of your wrinkled and damaged carpet. You might be surprised at how an expert carpet repair can add years of life onto your floor covering. The damaged rug is not only unsightly but also dangerous. The folds and buckling can be tripping hazards, and broken transition bars can have sharp edges. So, if you are looking to save some money renovating your room contact us about repairing and cleaning your "not that old" carpet.

Should I Replace or Repair My Carpet?

In the hands of an expert, a damaged and dirty carpet can be revived to look almost new. As much as you try to protect and take care of your floor covering investment overtime your carpet can become damaged by family pets, accidents, furniture moving and even vacuuming can cause problems with your wall to wall carpets. If you'd like to stretch out the life of your carpet, we may be able to help. Repairing your carpet can save you hundreds of dollars so you can invest that money in another project. Our experts will be honest with you about their expectations of the completed project. A lot depends on the original style and quality of the carpet. Contact us for a free carpet repair or re-stretching quote

What Causes Carpets to Wrinkle?

Several issues can cause a carpet to wrinkle. 90% of the time poorly installed carpet is the reason. We recommend a new carpet to be professionally installed using a carpet Power Stretcher. Many carpet installers are still using a much smaller tool known as a knee kicker. Using a knee kicker is a much faster process and at first, appears to do the job but it is not long before the stiffness of the new carpeting begins to relax, and the wrinkles and waves start to appear. Our carpet repair contractors are trained and highly skilled in the CRI Power Stretching guidelines so you can be assured your carpet will be stretched correctly.

Can ripped carpet be repaired?

Carpet repair can come in many forms; a dog or cat claws at the fibers, a fireplace or cigarette burn, bleach, hair dyes, and ink spills. These types of restorations can be handled by skillfully cutting the area out and patching in a new piece of carpet. Hopefully, you have a remnant left from the original carpet install. Closets are a great place to find a matching piece to use for a patch. Some carpet stores will sell sales samples or leftovers from other jobs for a reasonable price. You can email a picture of the area needing repair, and we may be able to give you an exact quote over the phone.

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