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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet is one of the biggest hotbeds for pollutants, so it is important to get it professionally cleaned regularly. When you require carpet cleaning services for your home or business, Steam Action is a company you can trust to get the job done right. We use advanced cleaning technology to remove harmful bacteria, pollutants, and allergens from your carpet, making your living space safer and extending the life of your carpet.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We use a hot-water extraction process, commonly known as Steam Cleaning. This method deeply cleans your carpet and removes all the dust, dirt, and allergens that get trapped deep in the carpet fibers.

This deep cleaning method is the recommended process by nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers. We use a fine spray of water to force dirt out of the carpet, which is then sucked up by the vacuum slot immediately in front of the spray. The spray is made up of a solution of water and detergent. Steam Action uses only gold-level cleaning agents and equipment, the highest in standards of cleaning agents.

At Steam Action, we value your health and safety. We use products that are biodegradable and hypoallergenic, so you can rest assured that no harm will be brought to your family or pets while we purify your carpet.

On your scheduled cleaning day, a Steam Action technician will pre-vacuum all carpeted areas, so there is no need for you to vacuum before we arrive. Your technician will pre-treat high-traffic paths and other heavily used areas.

We use our truck-mounted cleaner to perform the hot water extraction process. This system keeps the dirty air and humidity outside and is more powerful than portable systems.

The cleaning will take approximately 20 minutes per room, depending on the amount of furniture that needs moving, how dirty the carpet is, and any necessary spot removal treatments.

The process is quick and gentle, so you don’t need to worry about anything being damaged, regardless of the type of fibers your carpet is made from.

As the finishing touch to your freshly cleaned carpet or upholstery, a Teflon protectant can be professionally applied. This product wraps each fiber in a protective coating, which helps carpet and upholstery resist soiling from dry soil, water- and oil-based spills. This extra layer of protection helps deter spots and spills from soaking into the fibers or padding, helping you keep your carpet as clean as possible between professional cleanings.

How soon can you walk on the carpet after cleaning?

One of the biggest concerns owners have expressed about professional carpet cleaning is the amount of time it takes to dry. This may be one of the reasons you have put off getting your carpets cleaned in the past. With Steam Action, you won’t need to worry about long dry times. We have the fastest drying times in the industry!

By utilizing groundbreaking new technology, we can dry your carpets faster than ever before with a new machine called the Studebaker AirPath. This state-of-the-art machine is designed with the latest technological developments. Its aggressive, 360-degree air stream makes it the fastest drying system in the industry. It draws warmer, drier air from above, blows it down and across the entire carpeted surface for the quickest drying ever. Most carpets are completely dry and ready for you to walk on within two hours.

Removal of Carpet Spots or Stains

Although we promise to do a thorough job, we cannot guarantee that all spots and stains will be removable. Some substances can permanently damage or discolor carpet fibers. The age of your carpet and the type of carpet fibers also plays a factor. Our technicians will try to determine if this is the case before cleaning, but it is not always discernable. However, we always stand behind our service. If you are concerned with any areas we cleaned, call us within 48 hours of the original service, and we will return for a re-clean.

Getting Rid of Fleas/Mites/Bed Bugs

We cannot guarantee that carpet cleaning will be able to eliminate infestations. If there is any concern, we usually recommend that the customer address infestations with a professional exterminator. Also, keep in mind that your carpet is not the only home to bugs. You might consider having your upholstery, area rugs, drapery, and pet bedding treated and cleaned as well.

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