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Flooding In Your Home Or Business? Call Steam Action!

Statistics prove that having a certified Water Damage and Restoration company at the ready, will save you time and protect your health No one ever thinks that it could happen to them—most people just assume that their house is sealed and protected against...

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Odor? Call us over!

Steam Action Removes Offensive Odors From Your Home It’s a fairly common situation for homeowners; you walk into a room and an unidentifiable odor singes the tip of your nose. Reactions to this situation are also similar; you go to the nearest convenience...

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Upholstery Cleaning From Steam Action

It's time to take a "stand" on upholstery cleaning. We get it: watching sports requires a lot of sitting (until something big happens, of course). But with the completion of the World Cup, Wimbledon, NBA Finals, and various other professional sporting...

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Cleaning Tips: The Five Toughest Stains

Stains are such an expected part of life that it can be easy to poke fun at people who fuss over the tiniest blemish on their carpet, wall or upholstery…until that stain is marking up our own home. Wanting to preserve the integrity of our investments and...

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Steam Clean Your Carpets for Spring

For Clean Carpets, Steam's a Dream... Did you know that the human body sheds about 1.5 MILLION dead skin flakes every hour? Yuck! What’s worse is that those flakes make up about 90% of what we call “dust.” Add that to the dirt, animal dander, food, and...

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