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Flooded Basement? 5 Reasons to Act Now with Water Damage Restoration


Flash flooding can happen in a matter of minutes, wreaking havoc on commuters and property owners. Unfortunately, people living in the Shenango Valley know this all too well after recent severe storms dropped torrential rains, leaving residents with not inches, but feet of water in homes and businesses across Western Pennsylvania. A flooded basement or office can give even the most cool and collected owner a sense of panic and helplessness.

Rule #1: Remain calm. The first 24 hours after a flood are the most crucial for anyone experiencing water damage. The sooner water damage repairs are handled, the better it is to prevent further devastation such as mold growth and electrical issues that in return limit cleanup costs. So, how does a home or business owner know if they should hire a professional water restoration company? Whether water damage is caused by a flood, broken pipe or sewage backup, if a large area is affected, its recommended water removal and flood damage restoration be performed by specialists rather than by the property owner themselves.

Ready to Act on Flood Damage Repairs
Time is of the essence. Mold and mildew can begin forming on furnishings and building materials just hours after a flood. Plus, hazardous bacteria or microorganisms could be present in flood waters, poising serious health risks for an untrained professional.

A water damage and flood restoration company provides emergency services 24 hours, 7 days a week because we all know Mother Nature doesn’t take a holiday. Specialists have the knowledge and equipment to identify potential hazards in flood zones and begin water removal immediately.

Mold Remediation
If a property owner were to say “water” is the main culprit with flooding, they would be highly mistaken. Mold is the biggest risk surrounding water damage. Wet and damp conditions are a breeding ground for mold and mildew to flourish. Mold exposure can result in major health problems including irritation or damage to the respiratory tract.

Professional restoration specialists have the training and chemical solutions to safely and effectively treat and remove mold. The process involves fast water removal to ensure dry surfaces and prevent water from seeping into floors, walls and supporting structures.

Flood Damage Restoration in Every Nook and Cranny
Once flood waters subside, everything is good to go, right? To the untrained eye, yes, but to the restoration professionals, no. Water in a home or business can get into places people wouldn’t think twice of looking; inside walls and insulation, ductwork or even in vents.

A water restoration company knows what and where to look to discover hidden water damage. The experts can implement drying procedures to clean vents and ducts, removing bad odors and deodorizing to ensure a property is conducive for accommodation.

Help with Insurance Claims
Experiencing firsthand the devastation left behind from a flood is traumatic. This is an emotional time for home and business owners, and the last thing they want to do is spend hours on the phone with the insurance company. Filing a claim after a flood or disaster is necessary, but the process can be cumbersome, especially if done alone.

Flood damage restoration companies have years of experience in working with local insurance providers. They can assist with the paperwork and forms needed to file a claim, and can provide the proper documentation and proof of damages in the event there’s a dispute with the insurance company.

Save Money in the Long Run
If a home or business owner attempts to perform water removal and restoration as a DIY project, they’ll be in more than they bargained for in terms of the scale and costs associated with cleanup and repairs.

By opting to go with a professional water restoration company, property owners can rest easy and continue on with their daily lives knowing they are in good hands. Restoration specialists are well trained and have the tools to ensure water is removed and property is returned to pre-flood state. In addition, restoration services are performed at the highest level to prevent further damage from occurring.