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All is Not Lost After a Fire: Introducing Fireline Cleaning Services


The unthinkable has happened; your home or business catches fire. The flames, the smoke and soot, and water damage has left your place in ruins. Jewelry, pots and pans, fine china, tools, picture frames and irreplaceable and cherished items are destroyed in your eyes. You think all is lost, right? While this can be a very traumatic experience, there is a silver lining to ensure your personal belongings and most prized possessions are safe.

Contents Cleaning & Restoration

The thought of returning your items to pristine condition after suffering fire and smoke damage may sound more like a pipedream, but in reality, it can be done. Have you heard of the Fireline Contents Cleaning System? It sets the standard for fire restoration with a state-of-the-art assembly line in which damaged items undergo a series of staging and cleaning techniques to thoroughly clean and restore back to pre-loss condition. Fireline provides consistent, high-quality cleaning and high-volume production with a fast turnaround.

The Fireline Process

Damaged goods can be brought back to life through Fireline’s five cleaning stations.

Fireline Rinse Station Fireline Pre-Wash Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaner Fireline Rinse Detail Station Fireline Tunnel Driver
Station #1
Rinse Station
Station #2
Station #3
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Station #4
Rinse Detail Station
Station #5
Tunnel Dryer

Items to be cleaned are first separated into relevant categories based on the make-up of the material, durability and residue type. Then, excessive soot and other debris are removed. At its core, Fireline features the latest advancements in ultrasonic cleaning technology and environmentally friendly solutions to remove impurities such as soot and mold more effectively than say traditional cleaners using harsh chemicals.

Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure waves to agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, glass, rubber, plastics and ceramics. As a result, it penetrates blind holes, cracks and recesses with the intention to remove all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surfaces.

To ensure an items’ authenticity, Fireline comes equipped with specifically crafted baskets to reduce potential damage caused by manually handling contents. Once items are cleaned back to pre-loss condition, they are rinsed, dried and repacked for return.

Steam Action Restoration Specialists Are Here to Serve You

You would never believe your most cherished contents had encountered a fire after completing the Fireline Contents Cleaning System. Having the ability to restore the things that matter the most will provide you not only with a peace of mind, but a timely turnout of your belongings and a cost savings for you as well as the insurance company. At Steam Action, we utilize the Fireline system along with our knowledge and expertise in contents restoration enables us to offer a complete solution to increase customer satisfaction. Our team is trained and certified in Fireline to work in restoring contents as a result of a fire, smoke, water or mold loss.