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Fall Cleaning? Not So Scary!


As we all dress up for various Halloween festivities, buy bags full of candy to pass out, and have scary-movie-watching marathons, it’s easy to forget about the necessity of carpet cleaning. In fact, some are scared to even think about it because they may not want to spend the money, or they don’t want to find out what’s hiding beneath!

Regardless, having your carpet cleaned this time of the year should be at the forefront of your mind, because frankly, you’re going to be home a lot more than any other time of the year. With children staying home on snow days, or having holiday vacations at work, you’re bound to accumulate a messy carpet. Worse yet, you will be compounding on the mess that was made during the summer months. It is imperative to call a company like Steam Action to give your home a refresher for the holidays!

Some things to think about for the Fall:

Things to know for the Fall

Call Steam Action today to schedule a carpet cleaning before the holidays!

1) You’re going to be home more often

Whether you have children who will be home for winter break, are having family over for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, or just taking a vacation from work, the fact is that you are going to be at your home more often in the winter. You want your home to be fresh for these events, and Fall is the perfect time to do that.

2) Warranty can be void

Many people do not realize that if you wait to clean your carpet for more than 12-16 months, you could potentially be voiding your warranties. This is mainly because soil is abrasive and can damage the carpet’s fibers when people walk on it—and there will certainly be a lot of this during the holidays. It’s similar to using a dry cloth to wipe down a dirty car with no soap or water—it would scratch the paint and ruin the exterior.

3) It’s actually a good time to clean

Even though many people may dread the oncoming cold of winter—especially in good ol’ Ohio—it is actually a great time to have your carpets cleaned. As we turn on our furnaces and fight the cold, the dry air will actually dry the carpets faster.

Also, here are some tips to make your holiday cleaning a bit easier after the festivities have ended:

Vacuum before a party

  • You don’t want old messes to be compounded with the new messes that are sure to accumulate with holiday visitors.

Put a door draft stopper under each door

  • Leaves can be a pain to sweep up from carpets if they are stepped on and crushed into the carpets. Door draft stoppers prevent these leaves and dirt from blowing in.

Fall tips

Allowing guests to wear their shoes in the house can have some serious consequences on your carpet.

Request that guests take off their shoes

  • Especially when it snows, you don’t want your guests to be tracking dirt, debris and water through your home and into the fibers of your carpets. The key is to prevent the preventable.

Place a rug in high traffic areas, such as entrances to your home

  • If you can prevent even a few cubic feet of your carpet from being stained or worn, then it’s always smart to do so.

Vacuum immediately after a party

  • The sooner you sweep, the better chance you have to prevent crumbs and stains from setting into the carpet, causing mold and bacteria.

From all of us here at Steam Action, Have A Happy Holiday Season!